Thursday, January 31, 2008

blogs or email addresses...

Hello, Thanks for those who have sent in their blog addresses so that they could be linked from this site. We realize that many of you maybe don't have a blog. If you are interested in creating a blog there are many good free sites out there that can help you create one. This class blog is created in 'Blogger'. There is a link on the right side that you can click on, and from there you can create a blog. That is, if you are interested! If you don't have a blog and don't plan on creating one we could post your email address on the blog so that those who may want to touch base with you can do so from this blog. It would be really nice to have one spot where all our classmates could go to find where everyone else is and how to contact them. So, either send me your blog address or your emai address so that we can post it here. We do have many of your email addresses from when we were putting together the class reunion but we don't want to post them on the blog unless we have your permission. So let us know!

If you have any questions or comments about any of this, send your questions to our class email account and we'll help you out (the email address is listed to over to the right).

Take care and we hope to hear from all of you.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

KHS Class of '97 BLOG...

The class of 97 is creating this blog so that, as KHS alumni, we can keep in touch with all our classmates. It will also be a place that information can be posted regarding class information, such as reunions. We would also like to collect any blog addresses for our classmates. So if you have a blog and wouldn't mind it being linked on this site please email the information to

Lets keep in touch!